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Where will your business be in 2021?

Customer care, creative thinking and Wix marketing tools can address your business needs today in these uncertain times forging stronger future relationships.

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Direct booking engine driving traffic increasing profitability and business control for owners, commission-free

All industry categories, driving retail performance with live data and advanced analytics, customer-journey focused

Create and sustain online booking/event management systems with superior Internet and multi-media channel visibility


Web Marketing  

Poor Performance Indicators 

Here's What to Look For!

  • You have an existing Wix website that has been neglected and in need of attention.

  • Your existing site isn't converting or meeting your performance expectations.

  • There are no integrated marketing tools active on-site to promote your product or services.

  • Search engine results are poor and your site ranking is low or non-existent.    

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Development Indicators What You Want To Achieve

  • You want to improve your online presence, visibility and get found by search engines.

  • You want to connect with your customers, automate your workflow and drive more traffic to your site.

  • You want to attract more customers but realise this is not an easy task.

  • You want to increase your market share and set your company apart from your primary competitors.


Poor Functionality Indicators What You Would Like To Add!

  • Your existing site lacks functionality related to your product offering.

  • You're searching for a specific bespoke system unique to your business.

  • You've built an internal business tool that you'd like to bring to market and sell to consumers.

  • You would like to add unique functionality to demonstrate your product benefits.
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Small businesses (SMBs) play a key role in a country's economy and form the source of employment for millions of people, they are also uniquely vulnerable to the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis. and least financially resilient in sectors such as accommodations, food services, educational services, arts entertainment, and recreation. In addition, small businesses face certain structural challenges that existed before the pandemic that has now intensified, SMB's will need to adapt and rethink customer care. 

Already-slim margins are under extreme pressure from factors such as decreased demand and the cost of health-and-safety compliance.

Adopting new business and operating models can be difficult and expensive. Installing new technologies that can help small businesses to succeed requires an investment many SMBs are unable to make.

So what for the future? there are as ever choices owners can make without incurring unnecessary expenses to help alleviate the intense pressure and operate the business initially in survival mode.

For example, a business operating a Wix website already has installed in the dashboard ascend for business, all owners have to do is activate it

A major component of automation will involve the owners' ability to understand and learn the benefits of the process that must be repeated over time. A great place to start is discovering the powerful  Ascend automation tools available, at minimal cost, that might aid in the process to continue operating if only in survival mode until the markets recover. The major benefits of Automation are it streamlines the work process, saves time on manual tasks, connects through e-mail campaigns with the company's customer base. 

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Working Together

Fit your product in the right market to maximise sales

Understanding your Products

Before developing strategies and scaling a clients’ business we discuss your business purpose to get a clear understanding and sense of what your product or service does and what needs it fulfills.

The "Product Market Fit" is the fundamental starting point that helps us to build and develop a strategy for your web design. Sometimes a product just isn’t ready yet or its appeal is different than intended or expected. 

Our product assessment service will present a brief to focus on a design strategy, it's FREE of charge when you commission us to build your website.

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Product Market Fit

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Embrace Automation

Automate your Workflows

A major component of growing your business will involve your ability to understand the benefits to automate and repeat your strategy over time. To start the process discover the numerous Wix Ascend automation tools and programs at your disposal that might aid in the process of growing your business. 

Wix Automation is a set of powerful tools that streamline your work process and saves time on manual tasks. 

With just a few clicks, you can send automated emails to your customers and site visitors to remind them about your business services and a whole lot more.    





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