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Experiencing Poor Website Performance?

Is your Wix website not meeting your performance expectations or do you ever get confused about how to keep your site up to date with those endless updates & releases?, well we don't, so why not trust the day-to-day management of your Wix website to michaeljfoxwebdesign's professional team of developers and digital marketers.

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Causes and Solutions

Boosting your business online shouldn’t be an uphill battle. It’s time to say goodbye to the causes of poor website performance! 

How we take care of clients wants, needs and expectations!


Our Customers Are

Business Challenges We Have solved


Competitive Advantage

Deep business analysis enables us to identify elements to suggest that may make you stand out from your primary competitors.


Cost Saving

Flexible CRM systems and analytics tools allow more accurate forecasting can reduce cost of sales and improve customer relations.


Revenue Increase

The business solutions available encourage more sales and can identify additional sources of income into untapped markets.


Product Market Fit

Our proven marketing experience is engaged to fully understand your product and the markets you serve, we may suggest ideas to increase sales.


Workflow Automation

Ascends all-in-one management tools assist in tasks that save time by reducing paperwork, synchronizing data and automating key marketing actions.


Online Presence

Our aim is helping start-up's to get online effectively and indexed with search engines to promote the company's product and gain good ranking results.

> Site Lacks Performance

  • You want to improve your load time, online presence, visibility and get found by search engines.

  • You want to connect with your customers, automate your workflow and drive more traffic to your site.

  • You want to attract more customers but realise this is not an easy task.

  • You want to increase your market share and set your company apart from your primary competitors.

> Poor Maintenance

  • You have an existing Wix website that has been neglected and in need of attention.

  • Your existing site isn't converting or meeting your performance expectations.

  • There are no integrated marketing tools active on site to promote your product or business.

  • Search engine results are poor, load time is slow and your site ranking on search engines is unacceptable!  

> Compliance Issues

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to protect the fundamental right to privacy and the protection of the personal data of European Union (EU) citizens. This regulation affects any entity that processes EU citizens' personal data. Whether or not you, or your business, is located in the EU; if your marketing campaigns target EU citizens, this affects you.

> Website Functionality

  • Your existing site lacks functionality related to your product offering.

  • You're searching for a specific bespoke system unique to your business activity.

  • You've built an internal business tool that you'd like to bring to market and sell to consumers.

  • You would like to add unique functionality to demonstrate your product benefits.


Creative Design Solutions

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​As a dedicated Wix freelance web designer, we specialize in working with SME's our mission is to help with understanding the confusion the marketing landscape presents which is constantly evolving. Every day we see the release of new technologies, tactics, or opportunities small businesses can utilize to solve challenges. 

So we take a step back and look at the bigger picture by cutting through the hype and offer a more prudent and practical approach for SME's to invest in the right technology opportunities to grow a business.​

Adopting a four-phase process helps us identify the best path to reach a company's business goals and online visibility.