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Overcoming small business marketing challenges


Marketing Assit

Small business owners face a variety of challenges when it comes to marketing, your marketing budget may be limited or non existent! 

The success of your website is important to us because if it fails to perform then our agency fails also!

Take our free online presence audit to establish your current ranking against your primary competitors and visibility with search engines.

Knowledge is power, the audit will provide valuable meaningful data to make informed decisions on web design elements.  

Product Benefits, Unique Selling Points


Product Review

A review of your product offering will ensure our web design aligns and fits your business purpose.


An in depth assessment will establish product benefits, look & feel, identify and provide enhancements on how to present on the website. 

It may transpire that a small tweak or simple change could refresh or provide access to niche markets and gain a competitive advantage.

An example could involve offering a colour range, combining complimentary products into a collection etc.  


Product positioning in additional channels 



Product Positioning

Research for additional niche market applications, product/service presentation and promotional outlets.


There are many ways to promote your business SEO, social media, PPC and other online methods, our agency identifies the best avenues to invest your resources.


Differentiation is the key to give customers a unique reason to seek your product or services.


Branding and differentiation apply to your website, social media channels, paid ads and anything that has your logo or business name attached to it.

Whether you are the best tasting, highest quality, most natural, most luxurious, best return on investment our agency communicates the message, this is within your marketing outreach.   

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