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Funyhous Furniture Company Athens GR

Deliverable - Bespoke Furniture Website

Sept 2020

HTML/Wix Classic Editor + e-commerce, Ascend Basic


New Design Build & Front End

Funkyhous Furniture Co on desktop

The Challenge

How to promote a start-up company making unique furniture by recycling with no marketing budget 

funkyhous, yes funkyhous is a startup company recycling old products and unwanted materials and the owner needed to promote her products to a wide Internet audience and attract enquiries for her custom design service.


"Hous" is a Greek word that's used to describe a whole lot of things: Clay, soil, junk, bits and pieces. Things, that look humble or useless, but (with hard work and imagination) are transformed into something unique, beautiful and - of course - FUNKY!

" That's the entire philosophy of the company "

Online Presence

Transition to the Net has enabled the funkyhous owner to understand the chosen markets more effectively and engage with the client base by implementing new features like personalized e-mails like special seasonal product offers.and new product releases

Product Market Fit

The management are now focused on Attracting clients who are looking for something a little be unique, committed to recycling and saving planet earth offering rewards for loyalty and referrals this market sector is currently being expanded   

Competitive Advantage

A fully functional website with high visibility generating meaningful data provides deep business analysis enabling us to identify elements for suggestion that may make them stand out from other recycling manufacturers.

Business Tasks Addressed

Funkyhous furniture co, desktop view
Funkyhous furniture co on mobile

Web & Mobile Solution

Optimising for search engines and engaging social media channels to attract customers

Our first step involved designing a completely new responsive user & mobile friendly growth-driven website with HD images and dynamic content. The whole design concept was aimed at attracting, engaging and satisfying the consumer.

The Wix e-store application handled online presentation and sales along with the Wix ascend for business app to attract customers to the concept of recycling unwanted goods/materials and further to automate work tasks. As a start-up, the monitoring phase is key for the business to thrive and gradually establish its online presence.

No marketing budget was available for promotion therefore we recommended crafting a multifaceted strategy leaning heavily on employing free social media channels Instagram and Pinterest as our focal points but use facebook and twitter as well to elevate the company's products, in addition, create regular "how to do it" blog posts.  

To drive the business on the Internet sound and proven SEO techniques were actioned and keyword phrase research was undertaken and tested for the listing to gain hi ranking results. The company was registered with Google my business as well as all local business directories.   

Wix ecommerce website

Wix eCommerce 

Online shop  

Funkyhous furniture blog

funkyhous Blog 

My life my blog

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Marketing Tools

Business promotion& Brand Awareness

Featured Applications

Online Presence

Transition to the Net and media channels has enabled the funkyhous owner to understand the social media network and engage with potential clients by implementing new features like personalized e-mails, blog posts, new product promotion and special offers.

Product Market Fit

The funkyhous owner is now focusing on promoting the quality unique recycled products to existing clients while developing awareness to clients who appreciate unique designs through the social media network attribution marketing programme.     

Competitive Advantage

The recycling industry is extremely competitive however a functional website with high visibility generating quality and awareness is essential to the future of the businesses success, analysis of enquiries and orders enables the owner to elevate the brand going forward.

Business Challenges We Addressed

Design a fully responsive website

Create brand identity & awareness

Generate more enquiries for the bands services

Mission & Objectives

The design and marketing objectives were set out and agreed with Agelikki the owner who not only wanted to become an authority in the materials recycling field but create an identity to be admired and noticed in promoting the concept of recycling unwanted goods and materials.

Integrate an e-store

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