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GDPR Compliance Statement

Welcome to michaeljfoxwebdesign’s statement on GDPR and Data Security. This document should be read in conjunction with our main Privacy Policy which can be accessed here.

Our GDPR Principles

Accountability: We are committed to the principles of the GDPR by adopting the concept of ‘data privacy by design’ within our operational model. We remain accountable by having detailed policies and systems in place as well as a Data Protection Officer to oversee our overall compliance with data protection regulations including the management of access rights requests. Our policies are regularly reviewed and updated, and we periodically review data protection and security updates throughout the year.

Transparency, Fairness and Lawfulness: We process data from time to time only to inform our subscribers and clients of Wix development updates and events that may be of interest or need attention to comply with regulations. We keep our data subjects’ interests in mind and ensure that we approach processing activities with transparency to maintain fairness in what we do. This way we can be sure that we are processing data lawfully. We have a robust process in place to allow us to deal efficiently with any access requests we may receive.

Data Integrity and Confidentiality: Our data is held by on their secure HTPPS:// server and accessed through our premium business plan in our contacts database list. Information security and integrity is key to our operation and we have a dedicated member of staff deal with requests on hand to support you in the event data may become compromised. 

Data Minimisation and Data Storage: We will not keep data for longer than is necessary and only keep data if there is a lawful basis which allows fair retention. When we do need to remove data from our possession, we do so by using industry-approved standards so the disposal or anonymisation is thoroughly compliant.

Online Forms: All our online forms are GDPR compliant where we seek agreement and acceptance from visitors who visit our website, to accept our terms prior to visiting our site. Subscribers to our business only provide minimal information such as name and mail address they are also asked to tick an acceptance box prior to submission and can unsubscribe at any time.

Data Accuracy: Keeping data accurate is particularly important to us and we regularly check for errors or inaccuracies and maintain data to a high quality and with all the facts available.

Data Purpose Limitation: We use the data we attain for a specific purpose namely to keep our clients up-to-date with developments known as, ‘This is an updating service by michaeljfoxwebdesign for Wix users’. This means that data is not processed for any alternative reasons other than what the data was originally collected for.

Third Parties & Vendors: We will not engage with or use any third party or vendor that does not comply with the GDPR our stance on operational areas of our business, is quite clear so that they can easily see the standards we work by. 

If you have any further queries about any topics raised in this document please contact our Data Protection Officer on for further assistance and clarity.

Last Update: 20.10.2021


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