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Wix Freelance Web Designer

Wix Freelance Web Designer

Looking for a Wix Freelance Web Designer?


What do you expect your hotel website to achieve?

Be honest and answer the question, our guess is you want to attract, engage and satisfy more paying guests into your hospitality outlet, enjoy hassle-free bookings, get paid on time, and ensure they have a great time encouraging them to return the following year, are we right? In cooperation with our partners, our products and web services are carefully crafted to help owners increase their online visibility, take the guessing out of bookings, the worry out of wondering whether guests will book or not, get you paid on time and automate your workflows. If your current website is not producing results and causing you hassle then ask yourself another question what is the point of having a website!

Read on if you are interested in some unique solutions ...... 


Discover how Little Hotelier lets you take back control of your business!


Manage your property, bookings and guests
all in one place for a low monthly fee.
Try free for 30 days. No risk. Cancel anytime.


Showcase your property everywhere travellers are to increase your potential for bookings.
450+ OTAs
Greatest choice & visibility


Unlock your direct reservation opportunities.
Convert more people visiting your website and increase their spend
Own your guests


Attract and convert browsing travellers.
Save on costly web development
Mobile responsive, stunning designs, easy to update


Actionable insights empower you to win.
Confident, informed pricing decisions
Real-time data


Be there as corporate travel returns.
Connect to the world’s top GDSs
Dedicated support

Whether you are an independent property or part of a hotel chain

You can access every traveler, wherever they are, so you don’t miss out on booking opportunities

- Forbes

"Now is the perfect time to do a digital transformation"

How would like to turn Lookers into bookers?

How many booking channels do you deal with?

Editor X & Little Hotelier

Here's what you can do with our products

Showcase your property with a stunning web design in Editor X and promote it globally with Littel Hotelier you will never miss a booking opportunity again!  

The Bishops Design Template

Product Benefits


Instantly update your room and rates

No time to refresh rates? no worry.

SiteMinder updates your rooms and rates in a click across your website and all of your distribution channels. (OTA's)


Do you ever wonder how to gain access to over 400+ booking channels?

Wonder no more, SiteMinder reaches out to travelers where ever they are!

Put your small property in front of as many potential guests as possible and control the rates OTE's charge.


Advanced distribution control

Want to get the right price?

Set the right pricing and rooms for each channel with the help of our smart yield management feature.

Take control of your business, money, bookings and future

Market your property on hundreds of guest booking channels?

Interior I Designer I Template

139.50 GBP

Landing Page I Design I Template

89.50 GBP

Bar Cafe I Design I Template

129.50 GBP

Restaurant I Design I Template

149.50 GBP

Villa I Rental I Template

149.50 GBP

Warwick I Hotel I Template

149.50 GBP

Marton I Hotel I Template

149.50 GBP

Marsdon I Hotel I Template

149.50 GBP

Bishops I Hotel I Template

149.50 GBP


Get Ready To Go
Web Designs to promote Your Property

Frequently asked questions

What is a hotel front desk?

A hotel front desk, such as Little Hotelier, is part of a hotel management system that provides a single place to manage the operational side of your property. This includes reservations, check in and check out, room rates, occupancy, housekeeping, guest communications and payments, as well as guest acquisition with channel management and direct bookings.

What is a property management system?

A property management system (PMS) is software that facilitates a hotel’s operations such as reservations, housekeeping, rate and occupancy management, payment processing and channel management.

How does a hotel front desk work?

A hotel front desk brings together all of your systems into one online platform to help you simplify and automate your day to day tasks. It enables you to eliminate manual processes which can be performed much quicker and autonomously with a front desk system.

What are the key benefits of using a hotel front desk?

Your hotel front desk system will automate all the daily operations of your property and the day to day tasks, giving you more time back in your day to focus on guest experience.

Where Innovation Meets Opportunity

Little Hotelier products give you the opportunity to manage and grow your business online 

"What drives us isn’t selling our clients a solution, it’s helping them to create something that is going to fundamentally improve their business".


We know what it’s like running a small property – so much to do, so little time. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use management software with a mobile solution for little hoteliers just like you. For boutique hotels, vacation rentals, and anything in between, say hello to happy guests and more profits.

Our platform is easy to use, quick to set up, and your existing reservations move with you. Whether you’re currently managing your property manually or switching from another system, getting started with Little Hotelier is easy.

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