Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and branding.








Blogging with WIX  

The Wix blog is already built in to your website and ready to go. Just create your own design or choose from a variety of customisable templates to get you started. A professional blog is one of the most effective ways to share your expertise, improve your SEO and get more visitors to your site and an essential element in your social media marketing strategy. Once published you can easily share your blog with your other social media platforms.

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SEO with WIX  

SEO is a key element for your website! your no 1 online flagship sales asset, remember the Internet is a busy place so it's not enough to create and launch a beautiful website anymore! it has to be seen so SEO demands attention. A well-structured SEO plan is essential to driving traffic to your site while promoting your brand, identity and trust, Effective SEO also provides the opportunity to create more awareness by appearing prominently in search results. The aim of SEO is to drive traffic to your site from search engines like Google & Bing. High ranking page results will not materialise overnight so be aware, It will take time, therefore patience and commitment are your keywords. 



Wix social media marketing takes your business to a whole new level! Wix social media marketing has got all your social media outlets covered. There are countless benefits to making the most of this free virtual universe, not only do social platforms thrive off communities, they also allow you to implement a flexible marketing strategy, personalise your profile to fit your brand’s image and now exclusively sell direct off your website straight to your favourite media platform. 

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Wix provides all the tools you will need to develop, promote and grow your business, these are already available within your personal website dashboard through Ascend by Wix. 

For Wix users, this all-in-one business solution houses all of your most important marketing needs, from customer management, marketing and financial tools . These intuitive Wix applications enable you to build a marketing strategy that will allow your business to flourish.

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