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Wix Freelance Web Designer


There are so many ways to market your brand, how do you decide what tools to use and when? As the various aspects of digital marketing become increasingly diverse, it can be unsettling to know there are more and more tactics available, yet finite resources to pursue them. We discuss in-depth and in strict confidence what you want your website to achieve in line with your business purpose and objectives. Also, it's important we understand fully the nature of your business, your product features and benefits and the markets you currently serve. Our digital strategy objective is to offer you the most effective way to promote your enterprise inline with your budget to help achieve your business goals.


Our initial research discovery phase helps us with the essential development of an empathetic understanding of your business, what you sell, what market you serve, your audience’s world and how the website can solve problems along their journey. This in-depth information aligned with your business purpose is used to drive your strategy and forms the basis of our web design and may even identify opportunities previously unexplored. There are two elements to our discovery phase, a complimentary online visibility audit of your current website and working with you to establish your goals and what you expect your website to achieve.


A Business strategy is developed with your cooperation that includes, product-market fit discussions and specifically your business purpose, this allows us to understand what you expect your website to achieve aligned with your business goals.​ We customize your site according to your products, services, and target audience to create a responsive growth-driven website that gives your business a professional online presence that will last long into the future. Our design agency is small and cost effective meaning we won't charge you big bucks!


At the core of everything we do is the commitment to helping small businesses explore the benefits of digitization to thrive, prosper, and compete in a very competitive business landscape. What drives us isn’t selling our clients a solution, it’s creating them something that is going to fundamentally improve your business and online presence at an afforadable price. In the digital world, everything keeps evolving so it's important we build an ongoing relationship and continue to work with you to maximize your business outcomes based on your overall strategy and goals. Optimization action keeps your website up to date, at the forefront of search criteria ensuring continuity of acceptable results.

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Our Passion

As a Wix freelance designer, I want to provide a one-on-one professional service offering innovative solutions to solve business challenges, I am not just a designer!  I develop business objectives.

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Our Core Values

Our values are transparency, trust, honesty. innovation, diversity, inclusion GDPR compliance and a passion for creating performing websites that fundamentally going to improve your business. 

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Services We Provide

Our services are tailored for SME's to thrive and grow in today's challenging business environment with innovative digitization marketing tools like Wix's all-in-one business application, Ascend.

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"What drives us isn’t selling our clients a solution, it’s helping them to create something that is going to fundamentally improve their business".

Wix Freelance Web Designer

Wix Freelance Web Designer


An unbelievably satisfying business career in senior management spanning many years gifted me insight into how to run SME's, identify challenges, develop solutions and seek out opportunities for growth. To own a website is simply not enough, website performance is so much more important. Wix offers all-in-one business applications to digitize a business designed to attract - engage - delight customers, improve CRM, workflows and website performance. Let me share and teach you how to use these applications that present the ability to redefine how you run and develop your business in the future.​

Wix Freelance Web designer


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