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How to generate hotel bookings online

Basically people generally engage in four types of activity to secure hotel bookings: booking through the Metasearch engines ....

March 15 2022


Where Will Your Business Be In 2022?

The business world has changed! are you in cozymania or actively seeking a way to survive and looking towards the future?.

October 10. 2021


Embracing Digital Transformation

Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

September 15. 2021


Best Hotel Resources

Everything hoteliers should be focusing on to get ahead [2020/21 edition] Hotel Resources & why you need them No one knows everything; an...

July 16. 2021


Wix Freelance Web Designer

About Our Business

Our design agency is multi disciplined focused on Web Design, Business Development, Digital Marketing & SEO for SME's in the hospitality and small business sectors delivering unique customized web designs and digitized  marketing transformation services. 

Wix Freelance Web Designer

Our Mission

What Sets Us Apart

"Our mission is to serve our clients as a trusted partner by offering tailored, results-oriented web design solutions that meet their specific needs". 


What drives us isn't selling our clients a solution, it's helping them to create something that is going to fundamentally improve their business.

About Me

Hi, I'm a Wix Freelance Web Designer and business developer based in Tolon Greece.

With more than 35 years of experience and a wide range of skills in marketing and senior management roles I want to pass on this knowledge to help my SME compatriots thrive n these challenging times.

Owning, running and driving SME's gifted me insight into how to identify challenges, develop solutions and seek out opportunities for growth.

The unprevoced consequences of the pandemic has left many SME's vulnerable and to survive they must adapt to meet new customer demands and market challenges. 

Internet presense is a must and website performance is paramount, your website is the first encounter potential customers experience for your product/services offering, it has to perform.

All-in-one business solutions are availble and designed to attract - engage - delight customers, improve CRM, workflows and website performance. Let me share my experience and teach you how to use these applications that present the ability to redefine how you run and develop your business for the future.

Are You ready to build experiences your target audience will love?

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All Editor X designs are unique and sold as limited edition packages if you can't find what your looking for let's create one for you. Our mission is to help SME's penetrate and compete in the business world with stunning, hi performing, cost effective websites.

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Anapafseos 13,Tolo, Argolida, GR

Tel: +30 27520 58353