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Annual Maintenance Contract

Updating content and running regular website maintenance checks are key to maximising its functionality and performance not only for your visitors but to ensure search engine bots find you.

A website containing outdated information sends the wrong message to search engines that the website has been abandoned or neglected resulting in poor or in some cases no search results.

Annual website maintenance contract (AMC) is a cost-effective way to keep your website up-to-date, fresh and effective on the frontline of search engine algorithms. We specialise in working with Wix SME's who may not be able to afford a full-time website administrator. Our package is comprehensive for small business organisations, who need less monthly time but need consistent website care and functionality.

What are the Benefits

Industries Served


1. Servides & Maintenance 2. Technology & Apps 3. Finance & Law 4. Automotive & Cars 5. Farming & Gardening

Online Stores

  1. Home & Decor
  2. Sports & Outdoors
  3. Electronics
  4. Kids & Babies

Travel & Tourism

  1. Hotels & B&B's
  2. Apartments & Hostels
  3. Travel Services


1. Weddings 2. Conferences & Meet-ups 3. Venues


  1. Religion
  2. Non-Profit

Why employ a freelancer?


1. Less overhead cost 2. No Training necessary 3. Availlability 4. No employment costs 5. No job enducements required 6. Fixed monthly fees

Maximum Flexibility

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. Always alert to opportunity
  3. Offers Internet & design skills
  4. Up to speed with the latest digital technology
  5. Always focued on web improvements


  1. Engage as needs arise
  2. Access to web specialities
  3. Owners have no personal commitments

Immediacy & Swift Delivery

  1. Freelancers are motivated to perform
  2. Reliable
  3. Do not engage in office politics
  4. Focused on meeting deadlines

Join The "GIG" Economy

1. Owners have less commitment (freelancers only complete a single project) 2. Work is done digitally rather than on-site 3. Independent freelancers specialise in niche services 4. Get onboard with this trend and save your business resources

Why do you need to maintain a website?

O.K. you've created your stunning Wix website and launched it on the Internet and probably are now waiting for results but did you know that within 3 months your website could easily be out of date. Regular updates will ensure your Wix website is always functional, secure, fresh, effective and ahead of your competitors. 

For instance, Wix consistently launch product updates, beta's, deals and resources to not only improve your website functionality but enhance business activities and tasks online, therefore, it's important you stay up-to-date with all these latest releases.

There are options of course, you can do it yourself, if you have time, mastered the interface, are fully aware of website developments and current trends or sign-up for a maintenance contract with us who do it faster, have no learning curve, understand the interface, image manipulation up to speed with Wix releases leaving you to do what you do best, run the business. 

What's Included

What you get with your contract  

So many owners think that once their website is designed and launched it will last for many years to come and they only need to pay for the domain renewal and annual subscription. Well, that would be nice, but sadly that’s not the case.

Technology today is accelerating at pace and for most site owners difficult to understand let alone keep up to speed. Just like our bodies need certain things on a regular basis for peak performance, so does your website, so here's what we provide: 

  • Updating Wix core, plugins, and themes

  • Website security

  • Optimising performance

  • Fixing broken links

  • Auditing and/or creating site content (client instructions)

  • Ongoing SEO

  • Website speed techniques

  • Data gathering protection (GDPR)

  • Undertake all functions of website development (client-driven)

  • Technical Support

  • chat line, e-mail, skype contact

What we need from you

Once you have signed our maintenance contract agreement (MCA) we ask you to grant us permission to access your site editor dashboard, (as a contributor) to carry out the maintenance functions for action. You will receive regular reports of what we've carried out plus some recommendations, if necessary for assisting your business growth.

Contract Plan

Business owners are seldom aware of the ongoing maintenance costs that come with owning a website. These include keeping your technology current (which is constantly changing), obtaining support when there’s a problem and protecting yourself ensuring it's, compliant, safe and secure. For all these reasons, getting the right maintenance contract is crucial!


Wix freelance web designer michaeljfoxwebdesign offer includes a complete maintenance schedule for your Wix website, no need to worry about updates or releases any more we take care of everything. See below the list of our comprehensive maintenance programme.