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Handcrafted Olive Wood Gifts
Olivetree Boutique Olivewood Collections

Powerful Overlays

Website personalisation includes custom modal opt-in overlays for visitor sign -up, embedded massages and personalised incentives added to relevant pages, providing a uniformed experience for all visitors on the site. The site is optimised for visitor interaction and search engines (SEO)

Aquire customers



Raise Brand 


Design a fully responsive growth-driven website

Our Objectives

Examples of Popular Everyday Sets




Olivetree Boutique Tolo GR

New build: Growing a new way forward for quality olive wood gifts

Wix Freelance Web designer

How does a boutique player compete, and win, in a crowded online market place?

The business was experiencing limited activity in orders and strangely only trading for 6 months of the year to tourists visiting Tolo on vacation. Turnover was limited and solely dependent on the local tourist market. 

The olivetree shop (former trading name) is an upscale gift line exclusively made by local artisans, built on a Greek tradition of unique design and quality. Designed and crafted in Greece, the products are well established and made from top-quality materials. (Olea Europaea)

The owner felt they were missing out on a lot of opportunities to expand their reach and digital touchpoints with their audience.


An Online audit identified little Internet or social media presence, clearly, the business needed a boost!  

The Challenge

Olivetree boutiques Tolo, olivewood products

Online Presence

Transition to the Net has enabled the Olivetree Boutique owner to reach out to a much wider audience through social media channels more effectively and engage with the client base by implementing new features like personalized e-mail offers and updates on new product releases. 

Workflow Automation

Ascends all-in-one management tools installed assist in tasks that save time by reducing paperwork, synchronizing data and automating key marketing actions.

Product Market Fit

The products were assessed on complimentary lines and offered in sets adding value to the purchase these items were then bundled into collections or series focusing the purchasers mind towards specific targeted areas.

Revenue Increase

The installed Wix e-store will increase the current seasonal trading period of 6 months by some 6 months resulting in improved turnover, revenues and profit. The owner has more control of the business and reaching any more potential clients through the world wide Internet   

Cost Saving

Flexible CRM systems and analytics tools allow more accurate forecasting and can over time reduce cost of sales and improve customer relations. 

Competitive Advantage

A fully functional website with high visibility generating meaningful data provides deep business analysis enabling us to identify elements for suggestion that may make them stand out from other gift shops in the area and on the net.

Business Tasks We Have Addressed

Olivetree boutique, olivewood handcrafted gifts
Olivetree boutique Tolo on mobile

Web & Mobile Solution

Optimising for search engines and engaging social media channels to generate online sales

The potential to present the business to a wider audience and extend trading throughout the year was enormous. 

Popular everyday lines were bundled into sets then grouped into collections and offered at complimentary value-added price points to stimulate interest and sales.

Consumers were offered a free customer privilege card when they signed up online that carried an introductory 10% discount for ordering online.

When consumers were in the online e-store and chose an item a "you might also like this product" popped up.    

The business identity was uplifted with a new name, colours, logo and social media channels set-up. The product offerings were grouped in a series of attractive compatible collections and sold online through an e-store.

Our first step involved designing a completely new responsive user & mobile friendly growth-driven website with HD images and dynamic content. The whole design concept was aimed at attracting, engaging and satisfying the consumer.

The Wix e-store application handled online presentation to attract consumers to buy online along with the Wix ascend for business app to automate work tasks. The monitoring phase would be key for the business to thrive and gradually establish its online presence.

No marketing budget was available for promotion, therefore, we recommended crafting a multifaceted strategy leaning heavily on employing free social media channels Instagram and facebook as our focal points but used twitter and TripAdvisor as well to elevate the company's products, in addition, create regular blogging and e-mail campaigns for "updating customers".  

To drive the business on the Internet sound and proven SEO techniques were actioned and keyword phrase research was undertaken and tested for the listing to gain high ranking results. The company was registered with Google my business as well as all local business directories.