Benefits Attributed To An Online Presence Audit

Hand Knitted Co Web Design Framework.

Prior to any design work being initiated an online presence audit was carried out to identify competitor activity, their on line presence and visibility.

Various search phrases were tested to obtain a broad set of search results then compiled into a top ten table and finally a meaningful web design brief was established.

A user friendly site design utilising a green based colour scheme (clients favourite colour) with shades from base to light and dark offers users a soothing effect, hex87a18f, hex5a7262, hex304738, text contrast white type face, headings, linotype didot and paragraphs futura light.

Enhanced Functionality

To create enhanced user experience a onesie baby suit design studio was added using wix code where clients can design their own onesie baby suit in a variety of mix and match shades, for body, sleeve and button alternatives.

In response to the clients business goals for integrated online marketing it was agreed the home page be designated a landing page in an attempt to capture and stimulate more lead generation, an advanced re-order form was positioned top right of the page. Visitors then immediately scroll down to the online shop where the latest collection is displayed for pre-ordering #follow, #new, #shopbabyclothes,

SEO (search engine optimisation) #handknittedco, initiated using search data collected from an online presence visibility audit prior to starting design work on the site, that identified the company's primary competitors offering hand knitted baby clothes and their page ranking.

Top ten search results linked to the businesses offerings revealed three major players using online advertisements (google ads) then a selection of magazines and one or two agencies. To carry out the audit and evaluate the market, search phrases, hand knit baby, shop baby clothes, hand knitted baby clothes were used.

In conclusion it was evident individual hand knitters sold their products through three major market players, e-bay, etsy and amazon outlets online which attract high commission rates and presented at ridiculously low prices using low cost materials with little or no guarantee of focusing on quality.

Agency companies offered a variety of hand knitted garments, again at low price points but were not focused on the product the hand knitted company was selling,i.e. onesie baby suits.

Therefore it appears there is an ideal opportunity for the hand knitted company to seek out a niche market for their product by creating brand awareness for hand knitted quality onesie baby suits using a high quality yarn with garment guarantees. To add further value an online design studio will offer prospective customers the option to design their own onesie baby suit #shopbabysuit as described above a personal service not offered by the primary competitors.

To reinforce the website launch a time limited advertising campaign with facebook ads was instigated with demographic specifics identified as, location, age range and gender (mums and mums to be) within a defined radius of the company's location.

Analysis of results will determine whether further investment is appropriate and expansion of the demographic area yields additional lead generation.

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