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What are the pro's & cons of purchasing a pre-designed template?

Let's start by assuming you've made the decision to own a website to promote your hospitality outlet business online.

How do you start the process of building your website and launching it on the Internet for potential customers to find you in order to book your rooms and search engines to find you?

What are your options?

1. Build your own site using a website builder programme.

2. Purchase a pre-designed website template.

3. Commision a web designer.

Build your own

Design Modified by michaeljfox web deisgn
Wix Standard Hotel Template Example

There are countless pre-designed website templates readily avaiable on the Internet all produced by energetic skilled web designers using a variety of web builder programmes who freely advertise them to kick start an owners project.

The question is which template do you select and in what website builder programme?

The selection process is not too complicated, decions maybe be made by accepting the look and feel of the template and what functions are included to service your needs.

Choosing the builder programme is a bit more daunting because not possesing any knowledge of how to design a website or use its programme can leave owners frustrated and demoralised.

It’s possible to create a new website design quickly, and with the minimum of stress and headaches, if you base your pages on an existing template. The skill is to find the right website template and make it your own, (customisation).

Some builder platforms are user friendly when it comes to learning basic functions like adding images and text for example, however even these platforms include more advanced functions that can take time to learn for the uninitiated.

At this point its well worth carrying out some research on the website builder programmes on the market to find out a bit more information about how easy or diffuclult (pros & cons) it is to use a given programme, there are a number of companies like who make it thier business to research and issue independant impartial reviews on their findings.

So, the choice is made and you're ready to go.

Purchase a professionally designed template

The second option is to purchase a professionally pre-designed template for a specific industry/market these designs usually come preloaded with applications associated with the business in order to promote its products or services, design costs can often be reduced.

It is possible to individualise predesigned templates – particularly those advertised by website builder companies like, Wix, go daddy, squarespace – and still have an excellent online presence. Including having all the SEO, UX (User Experience), lead conversion and secure payment functions integrated.

In the right hands, website templates can be personalised to a specific enterprise and its business goals, and provide scalable digital marketing solutions that grow as the business grows.

Predesigned templates, however are just templates! they offer the owner a strong foundation to develop and customise. Templates will not immediately represent a company on the Internet from the word go.

So what are the challenges facing the owner of a predesigned template.

Although the template will be fully functional and responsive (displays across all media) the owner must customise it by adding thier own content and images, therefore they have to allocate some time to learn the basics of builder programme to carry out customisation.

Even if they manage to complete the required tasks they are then faced with prepareing the SEO plan, to get found on search engines, among a miriad of other important tasks before going live.

Commision a web developer

Professional Wix web designer

Business owners may choose a design agency in the knowledge that they know absolutely nothing about web design or how to use the programme! In many cases, particularly in medium to large businesses owners draw up a design brief then seek competitive tenders for the project.

For an advanced, truly unique and high-performing website, engaging the services of a leading website designer/developer who can innovate with code is worth the investment but beware it does require a sizable budget.

Custom web design comes at a cost there is no doubt, and in many cases is out of reach for small to medium sized businesses (SME's) owners who often have limited resources or none at all.

It can take up to 6 - 8 weeks to complete with many hours discussing the design, framework, colours, theme and functions to gain client approval as well as building in the latest website design features for your project.

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