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Creating Amazing Websites In Editor X For Creative Business Owners

Exclusively for dynamic forward thinking business entrepreneurs

Editor X by Wix presents powerful design capabilities and combined with business tools forward-thinking business owners have the opportunity to push their business forward to the next level. Uniqueness is a marketing strength but can create change so be prepared to re-educate, commit, learn and invest.

michaeljfoxwebdesign is a multi-disciplined freelance Wix Web design agency focused exclusively on promoting its services utilizing Editor X the latest addition in the powerful line-up of Wix website creation tools.

"Our agency recognised the potential and design capabilities of Editor X and signed up to the Wix beta programme, then after 12 months we made a conscious decision to focus on the product for all future web design work" said Mike Fox CEO.

Wix classic editor users now have the option to migrate their classic site over to the all new and powerful Editor X design platform, "the future of web design". michaeljfoxwebdesign assists SME's improve their online presence, performance and through Omni Channel Marketing & effective SEO and consolidates a survival process for the future.

Market sectors served include the hospitality, small business enterprise and e-stores located in the  U.K. and Greece.

Backed by a wealth of experience accumulated from running and owning successful businesses, their aim is to assist forward thinking business entrepreneurs face up to the challenges of competing in today's competitive market place. Products are designed with growth and performance in mind from simple functions to more complex, each application is chosen from the Wix product portfolio to enhance website functionality & performance.


To cement the process and ensure small businesses are on the right path free marketing assistance is available via a marketing assist programme, its designed to help clients consolidate and grow their business through creative and meaningful web design, social media channels and omni-channel marketing.

Of significant note is the enthusiasm for creativity, the power of illustration, design and their ability to simplify communications to audiences everywhere as an exciting prospect, so interested parties can start a dialogue to learn about the process, identify challenges and develop a business strategy in harmony with the design company. 


Market dynamics refer to the forces that impact the prices and the behaviours of producers and consumers. The forces result in the creation of pricing signals. A fluctuation in the demand and supply of a given product or service creates pricing signals.

Through smartphones, not only can small business entrepreneurs make easy marketing footage but can also use audio and video chat for free anywhere at any time, eliminating the need for physical space and/or travel. Other internet-based free and automated administrative services such as Ascend for business and automated book keeping have greatly added to the efficiency of small businesses, freeing up entrepreneurs’ time to focus on other areas and running the business. As a result, the threat from small businesses is rising as they can potentially disrupt a category overnight if the ideas are ground-breaking, or at the very least eat into the market shares of large corporate brands.

Small to medium business owners may think they are not in a position to allocate time and resources or commit to understanding the dynamics of their market but with a fully functional responsive and automated website can take a piece of the action in their chosen market even if its dominated by big corporates. There are many factors that can impart a negative impact on a business and some of which are outside a business owners control, the recent Covid-19 pandemic is a classic example, however the essential is that small business owners must be aware of potential indicators and other market dynamics for instance;

Shifts in consumer behaviours.

Technological innovation.

Government policies (brexit).

Natural disasters (covid-19).

Competitor activity.

These dynamic shifts can present a real challenge to the small business owner who if unprepared could suffer substantial losses, a down turn in business or even going into administration from the devastating consequences these dynamics bring.

A recent study by Santander Bank, posted in business sales report, which polled 2,050 senior leaders at UK SMEs, found that around a third of SMEs that had implemented changes planned to make these adaptations permanent post-pandemic.

Over half (51 per cent) of SMEs polled say they will completely re-think their long-term business strategy. 28 per cent plan to utilise online more, 29 per cent plan to have more staff working remotely, while 20 per cent plan to occupy less physical space. 16 per cent went as far as saying they would redefine the way they run their business entirely.

As the headline suggests the agency focus is working with dynamic forward thinking business entrepreneurs who have the grit, determination to succeed and more importantly are willing to learn about the power of illustration, web design, automated systems and their ability to simplify communications to audiences around the globe.

Social media channels offer an ideal opportunity to freely exploit business promotion but just setting up free social media accounts simply won't work.


More and more people are using social media as their main outlet to share ideas, interests and socialize, but also to communicate with businesses and brands. With such a strong impact, it’s no wonder that studies have shown that over