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The Internet is a very busy and crowded place to be and your website is just one of the crowd, so what can you do to make your website stand out from the crowd and get people to visit?

SEO Visibility Search

As great as your website and content might be, people need to find you even before they can buy anything or contact you. The idea behind the Online Presence Audit is to establish how effective your current online presence is when people use certain search phrases. The Online Presence Audit process must be simple, intuitive and straightforward. The simplest way to go is to use simple search phrases relevant to your business you think your potential clients might use to contact or find you for info easily. Our approach is to put ourselves in your clients shoes, for example if a business is location based like "Antonio's Pizza House" Rodeo Drive what are the top ten results that turn up, or if it's not a location based business we just enter the name of the business like "Olive Tree Gifts", again what top ten results does google present.

Run some tests and do some tweaks

Making a powerful online presence with Wix means you get to edit, update and improve at any point you wish to do so. Our recommendation? Use this ability to experiment, analyse results and enhance your search phrases for instance, change page headings and descriptions of what you do or offer, keep experimenting until you get listed in the top ten search results! in other words keep updating your SEO.

Analyse your conclusions and optimise – find out which format appeals to more new subscribers?

Research and find new traffic sources.

The strength of your online presence depends on dynamic growth. This applies to your blog and newsletter subscribers as well. You need to always stay on the move, searching for and experimenting with new traffic sources to increase your reach. Earlier in the article, we recommended social media. Let’s say you’re already working on Facebook and Twitter to encourage new subscribers. Now it’s time to branch out to other networks – YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn, for example. Another option to explore is online forums that are dedicated to themes related to your field. Authoring guest posts on blogs you enjoy is another. There are many opportunities out there, waiting for you to grab them.

Who are the businesses primary competitors

Any good business man will know who their primary competitors are but we are not talking just about the competition we are focusing on Internet visibility for your company. The strength of your online presence depends on many factors but initially within the top ten search results will inevitably throw up some of your competitors. You need to take notice and view your position compared to theirs, remember searchers rarely go past the first two or three search page results, bad news for you if your no where to be seen, always stay on the move keep updating, good page positioning does not happen overnight, so keep going.

Do a bit more research by visiting your competitors websites, see what they have to offer, find out if they use social media platforms, if they are missing a visibility trick or two!.

Remember the more active you are the more advantage to be gained.

Don't have the time? then take a free Online Presence Audit and find out your currently online visibility status, it's absolutely free...........



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