How to Save Fees on Hotel Bookings

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

All in One Online Booking System, Commision Free.Hotel owners rely mainly on Internet and travel agent bookings to max out accommodation for a coming season. The question is are the owners totally satisfied with their current booking system and getting a fair deal. On the market are a number of hotel reservation booking systems operated mainly by the big travel company's who are actively promoting their business while offering multiple destination and accommodation choices to potential clients. So it begs the question is this a good booking management system for the individual hotel owner? or is there a better more flexible system available. Along with active marketing techniques the big travel company's also charge commision fees for this service and depending on which service owners sign up to rates do vary. DIRECT ON SITE BOOKINGS, CHANNEL MANAGEMENT & COMMISION FREE The other booking method is for potential clients to use direct reservations made by clients using telephone, email and website which is more lucrative for the hotel owners because no fees are involved, however these methods do require a degree of marketing and the budgets then fall on the hotel owner which may be cost prohibative. MAXIMIZE REVENUES & NO COMMISION FEES Newly released by Wix hotels and intergated into Wix hotels direct booking system is Hotelrunner that brings owners many new online sales channels. Hotel owners are now able to maximize their online presence, enhance occupancy rates without any risks of overbooking, and reach potential guests globally. Owners are presented with the opportunity to market their hotels worldwide with hotelrunners innovative technology and certified two-way integration functionality and more importantly by offering side by side integrated booking systems owners, the company claims, to have much more control over their business reports. CHANNEL BOOKING SYSTEM Connect to the world’s leading booking websites from one central cloud application using hotelrunners secure XML connection. The company claims it stops wasting time manually updating various online portals – such as customers websites, Facebook page, and online travel agencies, avoids any risks and achieves rate parity with a central inventory.

Hotelrunner claim it allows owners to boost revenues, while reducing the time and cost it takes to update room inventory and rates. At the same time, hotelrunner provides centralized reports that will improve how owners manage vacancies and pricing.


As part of the package HotelRunner has teamed up with Wix Hotels and provides hotel owners with a free mobile friendly website, an easy to use control panel, and free secure hosting.

Customers start by choosing from ready-to-use professional looking Wix/HotelRunner Themes designed specifically for hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, short term rental apartments, inns and other types of accommodation websites.

These ready made templates can be customized to suit a business by uploading a logo, adding content, changing a site’s appearance and more, hotelrunner claim it gives the customer full control.


If Hotel owners don't have the time or skills to set up a website, which can be dauting to the unskilled, they can refer to a wix Website customization subscription to create, design and build a completelcustom hotel website from michaeljfoxwebdesign. an experienced Wix pro designer.



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