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Unlock The Full Potential of Your Wix Website!

Updated: Mar 30


Small business owners face a multitude of challenges running and promoting their businesses and may also be faced with limited or no funds to invest in effective marketing campaigns! If you do own a website that is under performing and fit this profile then read on.

Website Purpose

A websites main purpose is to promote a business and generate leads into the conversion arena if it fails to meet this basic criteria then any investment made in a website cannot be justified!

Limited marketing budgets often manifest into poor performing websites leading to neglected sites that under perform and therefore serve no real benefit to a business.​

The success of a website as a companies number one sales promotional flagship marketing tool on the Internet, will only succeed if owners relate to the importance of a website and understand the following criteria:

  1. Why does your business need a website?

  2. If it needs a website what is its purpose?

  3. In what target market do you want it to perform?

  4. And what is required to make it perform?.

An effective start point is to initiate an online presence audit that will establish current ranking on search engines like Google against primary competitors and visibility, if carried out correctly the results should provide useful data on which to base remedial actions to improve performance.

Knowledge is power and the audits valuable data enables owners to make informed decisions to action on web design and SEO improvements to boost performance and leads.

Running a business always comes with challenges not least related to marketing so don't expect to ever figure out the perfect marketing strategy, it's something that needs continual work and refinement. Its not all doom and gloom or problematic though, there are areas within the owners grasp to overcome a poor performing website without incurring unnecessary costs, the following headlines provide some key poor performance indicators for site owners to investigate.


Poor Performance (Planning & Goal Setting)

  • According to a recent HubSpot survey, 75% of website redesigns fail to take off, the main reason is because of inadequate planning.​

  • Planning for business growth/development starts by analysing a current website accumulating meaningful data, an ideal place to start is by implementing an online presence & competitor audit.

  • Areas of concern will be highlighted enabling informed decisions to be made for the development of a meaningful growth-driven web design strategy.​

  • How you approach this stage will largely determine the success/failure outcome of the project. Blogging from Your Published Site.


Inadequate Budgeting (Strategy & Launch)

  • Performance does not happen overnight! it improves over time, therefore to generate more leads and conversion rates exercise patience but be determined to succeed.​

  • The full 8-page custom power-up service on Wix is dynamic and covers all the main elements required to make a web design perform & comply with regulations. If an owner is serious about how much they value website performance expectations then invest some time in the companies prime asset by unlocking its full potential, it won't cost a penny only the owners time.

  • Owners beware, low-cost traditional web designs v growth driven designs under performs and potentially waste time and valuable resources!

  • Agree a website strategy & budget to establish business goals and impact-full actions along with a future wish list. Create a growth-driven web design at speed then launch.


Lack of Strategy Commitment (Website & Analytics)

  • With the website launched its time to learn, monitor & analyse results from meaningful data collected by the sales/marketing departments (three to six months) time-lapse is ideal.

  • ​This is a crucial development stage and should be embraced, business goals and strategy must come first.

  • ​A website exists as an opportunity to grow a business every choice made should serve that purpose, it is also a companies number #1 online sales asset working tirelessly for the business, therefore reach out, appreciate its real value to the business and develop it for growth!


Ignoring Your Website (Monitor & Improve)

A recent HubSpot survey found out that 42% of marketers admitted to only make improvements to their website once or less per year!

  • ​Think about the last time the company went through a website redesign or online audit! How did it feel after the site launch? If like most people, there’s a good chance the final product was liked, but the process of getting to that point was complex, time-consuming and expensive.​

  • ​The main website service focus should be to evaluate, maintain, update and improve the site, these actions will contribute towards improved performance, greater online visibility and search engine results, note don't let it stagnate.


Checking the Functional Status of a Current Website

Before getting started refer to the answers, what is a website for etc, and be crystal clear about what's expected and what, as an owner you want the website to achieve. To get started on the right track, here are some useful tips to consider when creating a professional performing website:

Make absolutely sure you do the following:

  • Set practical, achievable, realistic goals that add value & stimulate demand

  • Select a reliable website builder for example (

  • Start by using a blueprint frame to suit the business activity

  • Create a home landing page

  • Associate the domain name with the business brand

  • Gather dynamic content to use on the site

  • Set page layout, types and headings

  • Add call to action buttons (CTA's)

  • Design the site with growth in mind, (GDD)

  • Create an SEO strategy plan then optimise the site for search engines

  • Develop a social media strategy

  • Register with Google my business and all local directories

  • Make sure the site is mobile friendly

  • The site should be user friendly with accessibility in mind (ADA)

  • Make absolutely sure all contact forms comply with the GDPR

Achieving a high performing website can take time and may produce results overnight so be patient and keep going until the desired results are achieved, if all else fails hire a web developer.

If you enjoyed this read and found it helpful! I've done my job so please share on social media or get in touch for a chat.....

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