Market Application Product Positioning

Its not just about creating a website it's about making it work in the marketplace!

Foxyman designs offer a service that's just a little bit  different from most small business website design agencies. Its not just about creating a website it's about understanding a business's needs and objectives when this is understood they  design around the business, the market and the goals. 

Drawing on their experience, specialising and focused on the wix design platform new and creative website design solutions meeting clients needs are generating positive reviews. The interesting point is foxyman designs strive to place business in front of their customers.  

With vast marketing & sales knowledge/experience running and owning businesses it allows them to help small businesses develop in a much more constructive manner and suggest methods that set  a business apart from the competition, this service is unique, FREE & included in a commissioned website design package.

"Mike Fox SEO states, if a new website fails to achieve its goals it has the potential to backfire on our website design business, therefore we decided to include free marketing & business planning assistance with every design commission to give both parties a reasonable chance of success and achieve some positive results"  

Foxyman designs specialises in small business development , go to link for more information

On their website they explain the different offerings if you sign up to a new website design commission. So what is the difference! between   foxyman designs and other Wix design freelancers ?Interestingly foxyman designs assist customers to position a product or service by analysing existing market applications then suggesting alternative niche market applications and product service packaging, a new website is built around this process and criteria. The idea is to assist its customers to ensure a business website cements a meaningful presence on the Internet and helps the small business development process....#FDdesign more info......


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