To Dynamic Forward Thinking Business Entrepreneurs

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Working with DYNAMIC forward thinking businesses

Foxyman designs is a small multi-disciplined agency helping small businesses grow through Omni Channel Marketing & Value Based Pricing to increase clients turnover and revenues. Our focus is directed at the accommodation, small business enterprise and online stores market sectors based in the  U.K. and Greece. .

Backed by a wealth of experience accumulated from running and owning successful businesses our aim is to assist business entrepreneurs face up to the challenges of competing in today's competitive markets.


Our free marketing assist programme is designed to help our clients grow their businesses through creative and meaningful web design, social media and onmi-channel marketing.

Our enthusiasm for creativity, the power of illustration, design and their ability to simplify communications to audiences everywhere is an exciting prospect, so let's start a dialogue to learn about you, your business challenges and develop your business together. 


Learned from personal experience we know how challenging it can be for small businesses to get started and penetrate a market.

As the headline suggests our focus is working with dynamic forward thinking business entrepreneurs who have the grit and determination to succeed and more importantly are willing to learn about the power of illustration, web design, and their ability to simplify communications to audiences.

Social media channels offer an ideal opportunity to freely exploit business promotion but just setting up free social media accounts simply won't work.


More and more people are using social media as their main outlet to share ideas, interests and socialize, but also to communicate with businesses and brands. With such a strong impact, it’s no wonder that studies have shown that over 90% of users reach out to their retailers through social media. While some prefer sticking to email or phone calls, think about creating an engaging social media presence because expanding your brand will only do you good. And besides, everyone else is already there!


Today, business owners know that customers expect them to be active on social media. Maintaining an active social media presence shows visitors that you, as a brand care about connecting with your customers. In fact, people can see how engaged the business owner is by how frequently they respond to complaints, questions or issues. If someone visits your page and sees that it hasn’t been updated in a while it might give off the wrong impression.

During my start-up period we faced numerous challenges from all sorts of sources but did not get despondent or deterred from achieving our business goals. If only we had a functional web design and wix marketing tools! and social media how much easier life would have been.


More and more businesses understand the advantages of social media as a tool for quick and immediate customer support. Unlike sending emails or making a call, the pace on social media is almost instant, and the information is constantly being refreshed and therefore always relevant. As a result, more people prefer social media than other channels of communication.


Any one can design a website and encouraged to do so by a number of free online web design platforms however, they are sell their product not yours!

Skill is required to design a functional website that fits your market, product, social media brand and much more.

So how does a website fit into omni-channel marketing mix?

Omni-channel experiences use multiple channels, you can have amazing mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website. But if they don’t work together, it’s not omnichannel.

Our web design is geared to fit neatly into your multi-channel marketing strategy, they have a blog, social media channels, subscription sign-up, customer communication tools and more, they are platforms to engage and connect with customers in a seamless experience with consistent messaging across each of your multi-channels.

Smart businesses are actively investing in developing their own unique omni-channel experience infrastructure, and it would be unwise to ignore the momentum onmi-channel development is gaining, start now with foxyman designs via the outstanding wix web design platform.

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