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Powerful SEO Benefits 

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Structure Your Site

A good site structure is essential for your SEO that will make it easier for search engine bots to crawl and understand hierarchy, also it benefits the user to navigate through your site more freely. It can help increase metrics such as: amount of pages visited and time spent on your website as these are key elements search engines will factor in when deciding the outcome of your online visibility and ranking.

Remember high ranking on Google does not happen overnight, the key word here is patience, so keep working on it until your'e satisfied with ranking results.

Instantly see how competitive your keywords are and receive recommendations for more effective alternatives. 


No more wondering if your site is indexed on Google and get listed more quickly in search results - in just a few clicks.


For any business today, Google is a vital source for bringing in new customers. Learn more about SEO for your site with Wix.


Get found on Google, talk to us about 

How to boost your online presence with a personal Wix SEO plan!

We make your Wix website work smarter


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