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Deliverable - Music Band Website

July 15 2020

HTML/Wix Classic Editor + Booking App



Design & Front End

Design a fully responsive growth-driven website

Create brand identity & awareness

Generate more enquiries for the bands services

Our Objectives


Bandleader Adam wanted to redefine the band's identity by creating a new logo to better reflect their music genre and stage presence.

How to promote the band with no marketing budget 

The Bands owner was disappointed at the level of bookings from its current website, lack of online visibility and wanted to generate more enquiries and awareness for band bookings.

The brief, develop a website capable of generating targeted leads for the band services aimed at the hi-end private, corporate market and generate higher-value fees. The Band's ranking position was non-existent on search results precluding them from even being seen.

The hire for bands market is dominated by numerous booking agencies who buy positional ads with Google and dominate high ranking first page positions in search results.

The Challenge

Online Presence

Transition to the Net and media channels has enabled the Fuss Band owner to understand the social media network and engage with potential clients by implementing new features like personalized e-mails and event promotion on all social media channels.

Product Market Fit

The band are now focused on promoting the quality of their services to the high end of the entertainment market like private and corporate functions within a pre-defined area to increase revenue and awareness, also a key promotional element is referrals.    

Competitive Advantage

The music industry is extremely competitive however a functional website with high visibility generating quality and awareness is essential to the future of the bands success, analysis of enquiries and bookings enables the owner to elevate the brand going forward.

Business Tasks Addressed

Web & Mobile Solution

Optimising for search engines and engaging social media channels to attract booking enquiries

Our first step involved designing a completely new responsive user & mobile friendly growth-driven website with HD images and dynamic content. The whole design concept was aimed at attracting and engaging online hire enquiries for the band's services.

With no marketing budget available for promotion, we recommended crafting a multifaceted strategy leaning heavily on employing free social media channels, Instagram and Facebook as our focal points but also registered with twitter as well to elevate the band's entertainment value and gig venue advertising.  

Bandleader Adam wanted to redefine its identity by creating a new logo to better reflect their music genre and stage presence 

To drive the business on the Internet sound and proven SEO techniques were actioned and keyword phrase research undertaken and tested for the listing to gain high ranking search results. The band was registered with Google my business and all local directories.